Committee Open Positions

Conference Planning Committee Job Descriptions

Conference Chairperson:

General Responsibilities:

  • Convene a committee, delegate and oversee planning details in conjunction with the committee and board members
  • Coordinate and attend monthly conference calls
  • Coordinate the planning of the Annual Conference

Planning will include:

  • Budget development

  • Identify committee

  • Conference schedule

  • Development of educational sessions

  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of the budget status

  • Develop and distribute the NCRTA Conference Brochure

     Conference Chairperson in Training (CIT)

    General Responsibilities:

  • This is the junior chair position and is considered a working and learning position for the Chairperson

  • Attend monthly conference calls

  • Participate in the development of quality educational offerings and CEU opportunities for the membership, in conjunction with the committee and chairs

  • Participate with the Conference Coordinator in the planning of event.

    Planning will include:

  • Budget development

  • Identify committee duties

  • Conference schedule

  • Development of educational sessions

  • Regular monitoring and evaluation of the budget status

  • Plan and execute conference networking social

  • Prepare and mail Thank You letters to each speaker


    CEU Sub-Chair

  • Professionals attend conferences to receive CEUs for their certifications and licensure. This process is a lengthy one and requires attention to detail.

    Call For Papers Responsibilities:

  • Develop and market the Call for Papers

  • Certification Credential Review

  • Verify all NCRTA Conference Speakers who utilize the LRT credential and work in North Carolina are state licensed

  • Verify all NCRTA Conference Speakers who live and/or work outside North Carolina or who work for the federal government and who utilize the CTRS credential with The National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC)  are certified

  • Send a letter/email to the perspective presenter when the Call for Papers is received and if it has been accepted or declined

  • Work closely with the Conference Chairperson to put together a thoughtful educational experience for all

  • Review previous year’s evaluations

  • When scheduling concurrent sessions try to schedule something for everyone (experience level and track level)

  • Once all CFPs have been received, begin the development of the brochure

  • Complete the brochure draft and pass along to other committee members for review

    Evaluation/Moderator Sub-Chair

    The success of the NCRTA conferences should be evaluated through the use of a concrete evaluation process for each session as well as an overall conference evaluation form. The evaluation should include participant demographic information, assessment of individual sessions, and an assessment of the conference as a whole.

    General Responsibilities:

  • Work with Chairperson and CEU Chairs to determine evaluation process

  • Develop Evaluation for Each Session and Overall Conference

  • Provide CEU sub-chair with Evaluation Process to submit with CEU Application

  • Tabulate Evaluations and Develop Report

  • Evaluation results should be provided to each speaker after each event within 30 days

  • Complete respective reports to the NCRTA Board of Directors, Chairperson and incoming Conference Chair prior to the budget planning meeting

  • Make Session Packets for Moderators 

  • Make sign-in sheets for specific sessions, to number the sign out sheets for each session (1 of 2, 2 of 2) for CEU verification process.

  • Hole punches -- the moderator punches is the number on the program for that session

  • Comprise the Moderator Script

  • Recruit and Train Moderators

  • Verify that the same number of sign in sheets that went out to a particular session were returned

  • Give sign in sheets for completed sessions to the CEU Sub-chair

  • Market and review Annual Awards to be given at conference


    Marketing Sub-Chair

    General Responsibilities:

  • Verify the exhibiting/vendor fee as set by the planning committee and conference site

  • Develop list of potential vendors/exhibitors with the assistance of the program committee

  • Develop letter inviting vendors/exhibitors

  • Coordinate the Silent Auction with the BOD Members at Large

  • Arrange for Door Prizes 

    Registration Sub-Chair

    General Responsibilities:

  • Develop online registration site and monitor throughout the registration process

  • Arrange for posting of brochure with registration link to the website

  • Provide access to online registration site access to Conference Chair, Treasurer and Membership Coordinator

  • Determine with the Conference Chairperson when the website registration should begin

  • Verification of Memberships

  • Be present at the event and facilitate on-site registration

2018 Conference Planning Committee Application

The following positions are available for the 2018 Conference Planning Committee:

  • Conference Chair-Person
  • Conference Chair-Person In Training (CIT)
  • Marketing Sub-Chair
  • Registration Sub-Chair


Information regarding the 2018 Conference Planning Committee position applying for, providing personal contact information and credentials

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Conference Planning Committee Positions

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All applications are due by Friday, September 1st, 2017.
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